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Community Projects and Public Art

Community Projects and Collaborations

Guys. I got to paint a mural last week and it was SO fun. I haven’t painted murals since my high school days, and then the spray paint murals I did when I was in Kentucky (while, I might add, I had no consistent style or theme).

Shelby, who is a wedding dress designer who owns Moonlight and Moss, organized a community project with the city of San Marcos, Texas.

There was an old, dilapidated park that needed some TLC, and we got to sand and paint the picnic tables with some chalkboard paint, create a cool installation piece with planters, a chalk wall and a huge mural.

April, of 2tarts Bakery (who’s amazing and an entreprenerueal Midas) checked out my sketch and painted so much of it. She was the absolute most perfect teammate I could have asked for and we laughed really hard as we 1. realized we were getting really sunburnt and 2. almost fell over each other when the “ladders” we were standing on tried to topple over.

Public art is so amazing and has so many benefits. From connecting with the community, to being a morale booster, to a perfect photo site, murals and public art connect us in ways that are so unusual, and beautiful that oftentimes, we don’t think much of it. Think of a beautiful airport that has a lot of public art, sculptures, stained glass- I am thinking of one in particular and it’s probably my favorite airport.

Oh! This is fun. What is your favorite airport? Or what airport do you think I am thinking of?