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So, I think it’s pretty fun to talk about goals. Not fake goals that aren’t really true to your values, but goals that have been a part of your life for a long time.

I have a few that have been in the back of my head for years. Some, that I never considered were real or doable for little ol me. Some that have happened and some that I am just now recognizing for what they are.

I want to say them out loud so you can go on journey with me. I think that’s really fun to do with people I admire, and there is a weird vulnerability in this since it’s such a personal topic.

1. Write or illustrate a book. This has been something that has weighed on me since I was 16. I was struck with the topic then, wrote seven chapters and my computer crashed, since then I have thought of illustrating books only to realize the market was already inundated. So I am currently waiting on this one until an idea strikes me or an opportunity strikes me as something I HAVE to do. I can’t wait.

2. Have my art in an app. After I saw Molly Jacques do this YEARS ago, it’s been on my bucketlist and I can officially check that one off as of this week! What?! (Check out the app, ‘Over’! My work is there! And it’s really weird to think this goal happened.)

3. Design beer packaging and wine packaging (I did this for my resume/drop-off kit, but I don’t know if I should count that).

4. Be featured on Design Sponge! Guys. While I was in the military I went through a really trying period of my life and my only solace was my future me, my future life and the business I was going to have. I ATE UP the “biz ladies” section of Design Sponge (when it used to be that) and wrote in my sketchbook over and over and over again that I was going to be a guest blogger for them. This hasn’t happened and isn’t in the works but if you’re reading this Grace, I will seriously jump for joy, faint and then dance around for the entire week. You got me through some hard times, lady.

5. Create a line or collection that goes in a big store like Target, Nordstroms, Anthro. You get the drift. I am so far away from this one, but guys, it’s GOING to happen. I don’t know if it’s five years from now or ten years from now. But here is the proof that I’ve been projecting myself to reach these crazy, hard, FUN dreams.

6. Have a successful Twitch/Facebook channel where I get to teach, bring value and hang out with people who are illustrators or want to become illustrators. How cool is that going to be?

What are YOUR goals? I would seriously love to hear them and walk alongside you as you chase them.