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San Antonio Airport Project

Gosh guys, I feel like I should be all calm and collected about a project like this… Be all, “oh yeah, this is standard ops.” But in reality I am a nerd and get so excited about all of my projects, especially the surreal ones that so many people will be seeing.

It really blows my mind and makes me feel weird and excited.

I’ve mentioned my secret sauce for getting big things like this, and said I will be announcing it in a few weeks- and I can NOT WAIT to share this so others can get cool gigs and meet awesome people. What is holding me back currently is that I need to send out a few more, and I also want to hook you guys up with some kind of discount or deal. So keep your eyes peeled and keep working hard. I have loved this little community, the support from my readers and all of the inspiring work you post.

Keep on, keeping on friends! And share some projects that got you nerding out!